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East BN Audit Co., Ltd. was established focusing on highly value and quality oriented as well as cost beneficial Accounting Services. This all plat-formed an the general established Auditing Standards which East BN Audit Co. Ltd. has fully accepted. Our team of auditors is fully experience in all Auditing Services, but our main objective can be summarized like this: “We are focusing on our customers’ success as our success!”

Our Company Vision

“Creatively structured concepts, Stringent analysis of the situation, Future development oriented solutions, Highest Service quality ”

The origin of our name:
E = East We look into the direction where doors are open for success
B = Best We offer the best to our customers
N = Neutral We honor honesty, integrity and impartiality as most important elements.

Why you must select the  ”East BN Audit Co., Ltd.”
We are totally involved in a systematic work process fulfilling professional standards. We are committed to continuous professional training and learning within our company. Our Staff however gets constantly learning and training opportunities where we engage with external Experts to develop knowledge and understanding.
Our team of auditors has expertise in a wide range of businesses complemented by team skills in specific business environments.

Our Customers
Based on our unsurpassed commitment and our ongoing dedication we have won the trust of customers in a variety of businesses as following:

- Manufacturing Industry

- Trading Business

- Services Business

- Agriculture Business

Other Business